27 February 2023

A pool canopy is the perfect solution for people who want to enjoy using their pool all year round. Here are some of the main advantages a pool canopy offers: weather protection: A pool canopy protects the pool from rain, wind, sun and snow. It keeps the pool water clean, which in turn reduces the […]

PoolsFACTORY® is a manufacturer of polyester pools. We use the best technological solutions in order to provide our customers with the highest quality products and help them fulfil their dreams of having their own garden pool. Our offer also includes modern pool technology, which increases the functionality of the pool and effective pool chemicals, which […]

At PoolsFACTORY®, we know that a swimming pool should be functional and provide comfortable bathing. This is why, among other things, modern and effective pool chemicals are available in our shop. Swimming pools need the right products to keep the water hygienic. In addition, we offer the necessary swimming pool accessories which make it easier […]

We explain which filter pump will be the most suitable for your pool and what you need to pay attention to when choosing a specific model. Check! Own garden pool is a great convenience and investment in the value of the property. When deciding to buy it, however, you must remember that a functional water […]

We suggest how to fix the sand filter in case of a problem. Find out what you can do if the filter doesn’t work as it should! The sand pump is a solution that is very popular. It allows for effective purification of pool water, allowing it to maintain its quality at the appropriate level, […]

Find out what to cover the garden pool. We suggest what solutions you have to choose from! In the cost of a year-round garden pool, it is definitely worth including a special cover. Why? In practice, proper covering of the pool allows you to reduce heat loss, and thus reduces the consumption of energy needed […]

We explain how the correct heating of the pool should look like. Find out what to keep in mind! The decision was made – you want to have a swimming pool! No wonder, it’s a very big convenience, especially since summer temperatures can definitely make themselves felt, and is there a more pleasant way to […]