how to choose perfect fiberglass pool blue pool house
4 July 2023

Hello! We know you dream of having your own swimming pool. Undoubtedly, it is a unique amenity that allows you to relax outdoors without leaving your home. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the perfect fiberglass pool for yourself? Let’s address that this time! First, let us give you […]

can i build stair support before delivery
26 June 2023

Building a pool is a complex process that requires considering various factors such as stability, aesthetics, and functionality. One important element of a pool is the steps, which form an integral part of the pool basin. Often, the question arises whether the steps can be underpinned before the pool is delivered. We will explain why […]

does there need to be a concrete slab under the pool
26 June 2023

Building a pool is a serious undertaking that requires careful planning and execution. One of the essential structural elements of a pool is the bottom slab, which is located underneath the pool itself. But does it have to be made of concrete with a specified thickness and class? The answer is yes, a concrete bottom […]

what dimensions must the excavation have
26 June 2023

When choosing a location for our dream pool, proper site preparation is of utmost importance. One crucial element is the correct sizing of the excavation to accommodate the pool shell. What dimensions should this excavation have?   First and foremost, it is important for the excavation to be wide and long enough to accommodate the […]

is it need to lay styrofoam on concrete
26 June 2023

When planning the construction of a swimming pool, it is essential to ensure proper preparation of the foundations that will serve as a solid base for the pool structure. One key element is the concrete slab, which plays a stabilizing and leveling role. However, it’s important to remember that concrete slabs can have minor irregularities […]

will poolsfactory company install a poll
23 June 2023

Our company does not provide services for the construction and installation of pools. However, you can count on our professional assistance at every stage of the installation. We will provide you with all the necessary instructions for the proper assembly and construction of your pool. It is most advantageous to hire a local construction company […]

in wich technology are pools produced
23 June 2023

The pools produced by PoolsFACTORY Group are products of the highest quality, manufactured on our latest GRACO machines using excellent materials supplied by Ashland. The materials we use have certificates guaranteeing their highest quality and allowing their use worldwide in many industries, including the most rigorous one, which is the food industry. The products we […]

how high schould be the concrete backfill
22 June 2023

  The installation of a fiberglass pool is an investment that requires proper preparation of the ground. One of the crucial elements is the proper concrete backfill around the pool. The question of how high this backfill should be is often asked by pool owners. The answer to this question depends on several factors. First […]

what colors are available for pools
22 June 2023

Here are some common colors for pool shells: White: White is a popular color choice for pool shells due to its cleanliness and elegance. It is a classic option that complements most surroundings. Blue: Blue is a highly popular color for pool shells and is often associated with water. It is a refreshing color that […]

why pool has wide technical rim
22 June 2023

The wide technical rim provides strength and stability to the pool’s structure. It is often a reinforced and rigid structure that helps maintain the shape of the pool and protects it from deformations. It reinforces the pool shell and is particularly important during loading, transportation, and unloading, when the pool is most vulnerable to damage. […]