23 November 2023

Are you struggling with cloudy water in your pool? Cloudy water can be unsightly and may indicate issues with water quality, affecting safety and swimming comfort. In this guide, you’ll discover effective and proven methods to restore and maintain crystal-clear water in your pool. From understanding the causes of cloudiness to practical tips on regular […]

23 November 2023

Nowadays, as cleanliness and quality of swimming pool water become increasingly important, there’s a growing focus on natural and safe care methods. One such method is the use of ascorbic acid, commonly known as Vitamin C. This article explores how ascorbic acid can revolutionize swimming pool care, offering an effective alternative to traditional cleaning methods. […]

energy consumption through counterflow

The cost of energy consumption by a counter-current system depends on several factors that can have a diverse impact on the final amount to be paid for the supplied energy. In the text below, I will discuss the most important factors influencing the cost of energy consumption by a counter-current system.   The first factor […]

what is the cost of maintaining a pool

The cost of maintaining a swimming pool can depend on various factors such as the pool size, location, level of technology employed, climatic conditions, usage patterns, and many others. Below, I present the general factors that can affect the monthly cost of pool maintenance. Water and pool chemicals: The main component of pool maintenance costs […]

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding in-ground pools is about the durability of gelcoat, especially its susceptibility to UV rays. Today, we will try to dispel any doubts and provide an answer to this question.   If you’re wondering what gelcoat actually is, let us explain. Gelcoat is a material widely used in […]

27 February 2023

To make your pool water safe and enjoyable to swim in, it is important to check the parameters regularly and adjust them if necessary. Here are some ways to check your pool water parameters: water testers – Water testers are devices that can quickly and easily determine pH, chlorine, alkalinity and hardness levels of water. […]

27 February 2023

Using a garden pool is a great way to spend time outside on warm days. However, to make this time enjoyable and safe, it’s worth remembering a few rules to help you avoid dangers. Secure your garden pool: Securing your pool against unauthorised access, especially by children, is fundamental to ensure safety. Depending on the […]

garden pool round year blue laminate pool ladders

A pool is a place where we can escape our daily worries and relax in the soothing embrace of water. However, to fully enjoy this pleasure, it is essential to maintain the proper conditions of pool water. One of the key factors influencing the condition and quality of pool water is its alkalinity. Therefore, it […]

Find out what a pool skimmer is and how it works. We’ll tell you if you need to decide to buy one! Keeping your pool water clean is a priority. Dirty water not only looks unsightly and negatively affects the enjoyment you get from swimming, it can also be a health and safety hazard for […]

We explain how to use active oxygen for your pool! Find out which to choose: active oxygen or chlorine.  Clean water in your pool is a priority. Dedicated chemicals should be used to maintain the correct level of hygiene. The right pool chemicals and effective filtration systems are crucial for the safety of pool users. […]