27 February 2023

To make your pool water safe and enjoyable to swim in, it is important to check the parameters regularly and adjust them if necessary. Here are some ways to check your pool water parameters: water testers – Water testers are devices that can quickly and easily determine pH, chlorine, alkalinity and hardness levels of water. […]

27 February 2023

Using a garden pool is a great way to spend time outside on warm days. However, to make this time enjoyable and safe, it’s worth remembering a few rules to help you avoid dangers. Secure your garden pool: Securing your pool against unauthorised access, especially by children, is fundamental to ensure safety. Depending on the […]

Find out what a pool skimmer is and how it works. We’ll tell you if you need to decide to buy one! Keeping your pool water clean is a priority. Dirty water not only looks unsightly and negatively affects the enjoyment you get from swimming, it can also be a health and safety hazard for […]

We explain how to use active oxygen for your pool! Find out which to choose: active oxygen or chlorine.  Clean water in your pool is a priority. Dedicated chemicals should be used to maintain the correct level of hygiene. The right pool chemicals and effective filtration systems are crucial for the safety of pool users. […]

Are you wondering how to prepare the pool well for the coming winter? We have a compendium of necessary knowledge for you. Check! Unfortunately, in the Polish climate zone, winter is the time when we pull warm jackets out of the wardrobe, which means that the use of the outdoor pool is no longer possible. […]

Find out what shock chlorination is and how to carry it out! Check out what you need to know about it. Are you wondering how to take care of clean water in the pool? The priority is to properly clean the pool filter, cover the water surface for the time when you do not use […]

What is the correct pH of the pool water and what to do if its value goes beyond the correct norms? Check out our tips!  If you are the owner of your own basin or you are just thinking about buying it, you need to know how to take care of the water in the […]

Have no idea how to clean the pool? Are you wondering what are the basic rules for taking care of the hygiene of the basin? You’ve come to the right place. We explain what you need to know! Summer is increasingly pampering us with high temperatures. It happens that the heat can give us a […]

We suggest how proper care of the water in the pool should look like. Check what to do to effectively take care of its quality. Own garden pool is not a luxury available only to a few. A wide selection of basins and the use of modern technologies that positively affect operating costs makes it […]

What to use on algae in the pool to effectively get rid of these small enemies? We explain how to do the right thing! Swimming pool: cleaning the water, walls and bottom of the basin – you must remember that when deciding on a private tank you will be obliged to take care of its […]