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Chlorine for the garden pool. A handful of information for beginners!

How to apply chlorine to the garden pool? Why do you actually need it and what to do if the level is too high? Check!  

A clean pool is a priority not only for your health, but above all, for the pleasure that comes from using it. Do you have no idea how to clean the water in the pool to get satisfactory results? Are you wondering why chlorine is actually used in a garden pool? What to do, where you notice that there is too much chlorine in the pool water and what can it result in? How to measure the level of chlorine in the pool? We will try to answer these questions! We hope you find these tips helpful enough for you!

Why we need chlorine in the pool?

Let’s start with the basics: why is chlorine needed in the pool? Chlorine-based chemicals are used to disinfect pool water, where microorganisms are dangerous to humans, including bacteria and viruses. Special pool chlorine effectively fights them, and by the way it is cheap and easily available – you can buy the right chemical preparations in stationary and online stores offering pool chemistry. Pool chemistry has a big impact on the monthly costs of maintaining the pool.

What should be the level of chlorine in the pool?

The correct concentration of chlorine in the pool is crucial for the purity and safety of the water you use. It is stated that the chlorine level in the pool water should not be greater than 0.6 on the scale of the manual tester. Note that chlorine consumption is correlated, among other things, with the temperature of the water and the surface of the pool. In some cases, a justified solution is to carry out the so-called shock chlorination, which is aimed at quickly improving the quality of water.

How to measure chlorine in the pool?

The chlorine content of the pool water should be checked regularly. This means you need to equip yourself with professional testers. You can buy them in stores offering basins, accessories and pool chemistry. How to check the level of chlorine in the pool? You can choose from different types of testers, including strip, manual or electronic testers. Very often testers measurement chlorine as well as the pH of water. Choose the one that will guarantee you the most accurate measurement result possible. The quality of the tester is crucial in this case. Testing should be carried out every day. 

Is chlorine harmful?

You already know that the correct level of chlorine in the pool is important due to the condition of the water in which you bathe. We also explained what the optimal chlorine concentration is in the pool and how to test it. Now you are wondering if chlorine into the pool harms? The chlorine method allows you to effectively disinfect water, but you must remember that too much chlorine in the pool can cause undesirable effects, which is why it is so important to properly control it. If you do not want or cannot use the chlorine method, you have alternative solutions for effective water purification, for example, the oxygen method.

Too much chlorine in the garden pool. How to effectively neutralize chlorine in the pool?

Too much chlorine in the pool can be neutralized with a special chemical preparation. However, this is not the only option you have at your disposal. How else can you lower chlorine levels in the pool? Just wait until the chlorine oxidizes itself. It is not possible to give a specific time interval in this case, since the oxidation rate itself depends on many factors, so regular testing is essential.  

Chlorine for the pool. How often use a dedicated means?

We have explained to you how chlorine works in the pool. We hope that you see the need to keep it at the right level (or you are correctly using another method of disinfecting water). You also know what the chlorine concentration in your pool should be in practice, but how much do you have to use chlorine-based chemicals? The dose of the preparation depends on whether you use it after the first filling of the pool or it is a standard disinfection procedure. When choosing the frequency of application and the amount of preparation used, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Note: Before you apply any pool chemistry, make sure it is safe for your tank. 

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