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Swimming pool chemicals

PoolsFACTORY® not only offers a wide range of high quality swimming pools, but also modern pool accessories to keep your pool in good condition and to ensure proper water hygiene and functional lighting. Garden pools have long ceased to be reserved exclusively for wealthy individuals – using PoolsFactory® you can not only choose a pool to suit your needs and budget, but also stock up on the necessary pool chemicals. 

Why does pool chemistry matter?

The best pool chemistry for your garden pool is crucial in ensuring the quality and safety of the water you swim in. Pool chemistry should be as effective as possible, and choosing the right products in addition to the standard ones depends on whether there is anything wrong with your pool water, and if so, what the causes of the problems are. Also, note that garden pool chemicals must be adapted to your pool and the materials it is made of. 

Chemistry – how to compose the kit needed for your pool?

Professional pool chemistry must be adapted to the customer’s expectations and requirements. The basic issue is its highest possible quality – chemicals should allow you to achieve the best results. If you are wondering which pool cleaner is best for you, take advantage of our many years of experience in the industry. We are happy to share our knowledge! In our shop, we have a wide range of products to help you take care of your pool water.

Chlorine free pool chemicals – water disinfection with active oxygen

Chlorine free pool chemicals are often agents that allow you to disinfect the water with active oxygen. The oxygen method is an alternative to chlorine containing agents. Active oxygen in quick dissolving tablets, in addition to chlorine containing preparations, can be found in the PoolsFACTORY® shop. We offer our customers different sizes of packaging, so they can choose the product best suited to their individual needs. 

Which pool chemicals do I need to start?

A pool chemistry starter kit typically includes chlorine formulations for water disinfection. It’s also a good idea to have on hand in a starter pool chemistry kit to combat algae, which readily thrives in standing water, so pumping is very important. Also listed as starter pool chemicals are coagulation agents, which are designed to bind dirt together, allowing it to be filtered out more effectively. 

Swimming pool chemicals for winter

Winter pool chemistry is a product that will help you look after your pool during the colder months when you are not using it due to inclement weather. The winter pool chemical available at PoolsFACTORY® is Winterconservant, a liquid preservative concentrate, offered in 1 or 5 kg capacity. This is a pool chemical that is worth buying well in advance to properly prepare your pool for the coming winter. 

Swimming pool chemicals for the garden pool. Why use PoolsFACTORY®?

The right starter set of pool chemicals is important for the quality and cleanliness of the water, so why not take advantage of our range of basic chemicals for your pool. In addition to active oxygen, chlorine tablets, shock chlorination and pool winterisation chemicals, we also offer products to raise and lower the pH of the water, acid gel for pool cleaning and pool chemicals for algae control. 

The pool disinfection chemicals available in our shop are high quality products that you can trust. We offer everything for swimming pools. Welcome!

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