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What chemistry for a garden pool is the basic equipment?

What chemistry is needed for the pool? What needs to be on the shopping list to take care of the purity of the water? We explain! 

Cleaning the pool is necessary not only for the health and safety of users, but also for the sake of bathing comfort. After all, everything breaks down for your pleasure! When deciding on your own pool, you need to know that from now on one of the duties that you will absolutely not be able to forget will be regular cleaning of the water in the pool. What chemistry may be necessary in this regard? What do you need to equip yourself with if there is a private pool in your garden? Chlorine is the only solution you have at your disposal? We will answer these and other questions in today’s post. Check what you must remember!

What chemistry is best for the pool?

If you are wondering what chemistry is the best for a garden pool, start by checking its certificates and attestations, proving the safety of the purchased products. Also pay attention to the company that produced them and its position in the market. In addition, pool chemistry should be as effective as possible, so you can take a look at the opinions of other customers about individual products.

It is best if you ask specialists at the stage of buying a swimming pool what chemistry for a garden pool will be the optimal choice in your case. It is very possible that they will be able to suggest you to buy preparations of proven brands – after all, this is their industry! One more thing: when comparing prices, pay attention to the ratio of costs to the contents of the package.

Chemistry for garden pools: what products may you need?

Good pool chemistry is crucial for water quality and your satisfaction with having a private swimming space – you already know that. Now we will tell you what chemistry for the garden pool will help you maintain its cleanliness.

PREPARATIONS WITH CHLORINE. Disinfection of water is usually carried out with the help of chlorine containing agents, which has a bactericidal effect. Chlorinated preparations are most often in the form of tablets, but in stores you will also find granules or liquid agents. Their purchase is relatively cheap, and the chemistry itself is widely available. What if you can’t or don’t want to use chlorine? In this case, you can decide, for example, on the oxygen method. Chemistry intended for oxygen disinfection works using, as the name suggests, active oxygen.

Is good pool chemistry the only solution used to disinfect water? Of course not! An alternative is salt electrolysis. In practice, this process involves the transformation of salt into chlorine, but thanks to this you can avoid the characteristic smell of chlorine, which for some people can be problematic. It is also a safer option for people who have sensitive skin. 

MEANS AGAINST ALGAE. The appearance of algae not only turns clear water into greenish slush, but is dangerous to your health. Unfortunately, effective disposal of algae from the pool can be quite problematic and requires more work, so it is worth making every effort to prevent them from multiplying, which will help you with appropriate preparations. Remember that algae most willingly appear in stagnant water, therefore, pool water should be pumped.

CHEMISTRY FOR COAGULATION. The best chemistry for the pool should guarantee that it is kept in optimal cleanliness. For pools with a sand filter, due to its peculiarities, it is recommended to use special coagulants. Why? Some contaminants are simply too small for the filter to be able to catch them effectively. Thanks to preparations with coagulation properties, such dirt combines with each other, and as a consequence can be filtered out much more effectively.

Remember that what chemistry will be optimal for your garden pool largely depends on what the expectations are from the pool structure. If the water in the pool is cloudy or milky, it is possible that the problem lies in the incorrect pH.Co then? You need to check that the water you are using is not too hard. If it is, it may be helpful to mount the filter on the home installation. In addition, in such cases, measures dedicated to regulating the hardness of the water are also used. What will be the final list of chemical preparations needed for use in your pool is an individual matter, depending, among other things, on what problems you are struggling with.

Pool chemistry: how to use it to get the best possible results?

How to apply the selected chemistry to the garden pool? First of all, start by carefully studying the label with regard to information about how to store preparations. This is important for their safety and effectiveness. It may happen that improper stored chemistry will not work as effectively as it should. In addition, apply all chemicals in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer of the selected preparation and pool. If you have any problems or doubts related to the use of pool chemistry, do not be afraid to ask in stores or directly with the manufacturer brand.

When using pool chemistry, also check its expiration date. When reading the instructions for use of chemical preparations, pay attention to the recommendations regarding the frequency of their use, the method of application or the amount of agent needed. Do not forget that care for your pool does not end only with the use of high-quality chemistry dedicated to swimming pools. It is also very important to regularly clean the walls and clean the bottom of the pool, which can definitely make it easier for you to have the right vacuum cleaner.

To sum up: pool chemistry is an important purchase if you want to keep the pool and water in a satisfactory condition. Taking care of the pool means specific duties for you, but do not be afraid – it is not a time-consuming or problematic job, the more so because today on the market you will find a very wide selection of preparations convenient to apply. What chemistry for a garden pool is a good choice? When choosing the right means, focus primarily on their quality and safety. A wide selection of pool chemistry can be found in our offer – we encourage you to take advantage of the products offered by PoolsFactory®. When buying the necessary products, also make sure that you have a sufficient supply of necessary preparations. Adjust shopping to individual consumption and do it at proven distributors. Note: Before you use any pool chemistry, make sure it is safe for your basin. 

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