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How to fix sand filter in case of problem?

We suggest how to fix the sand filter in case of a problem. Find out what you can do if the filter doesn’t work as it should!

The sand pump is a solution that is very popular. It allows for effective purification of pool water, allowing it to maintain its quality at the appropriate level, also in the case of large 2aśni. If you have also chosen a sand pump for your pool and you have problems with it, read on. We’ll try to get you the answer.

Sand filter: problems. How to deal with them?

The most important element of a sand pump is a filter. The sand in the filter of the pool pump is usually replaced every two years, and in the meantime it is necessary to rinse it. This should be done about once a few days, although the optimal frequency is an individual matter, depending on how dirty the water in your pool is. However, what to do in a situation when there are problems with the pump or sand filter? How to deal with them? Continue!

The sand filter does not filter. What’s next?

If the sand filter does not filter, it is very possible that it is high time to rinse or replace it. Cleaning the pool filter is a basic activity, as we mentioned above, must be done regularly. Filter tanks are usually equipped with a pressure gauge, the indicators of which must be observed. If the pointer is on a yellow scale or approaching the red field, it is necessary to rinse the filter as soon as possible.  Rinsing allows you to remove impurities that are accumulated in it and is crucial for the efficiency of its work.

Why does the sand filter throw sand away?

The problem in the use of a sand filter may be the ejection of sand. Sand, due to its weight, then lies at the bottom of the pool, which negatively affects the quality of water. In addition, the filter is just to remove similar dirt, and not to contribute to additional water pollution, so throwing sand requires quick intervention. If the sand filter ejects sand, it is possible that the cause is a leaking filter tank. Therefore, it is necessary to check it carefully, of course maintaining appropriate safety rules and, if necessary, remove the leak. 

Why does the pool filter not pull water?

You have to reckon with the fact that the pool pump may have a problem with drawing water if its level is too low. Another possible reason is a dirty sand filter that has accumulated too much debris. However, if there is no low water level involved and the filter is clean, you must report to the service. The problem may lie in the need to replace individual pump components due to their failure or too long operation. 

We hope our tips will help you! Remember that the first step to success is to keep your sand filter clean, and you can only achieve this if you rinse it regularly and change the sand.

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