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Swimming pool lighting

PoolsFACTORY® is a manufacturer of polyester pools. We use the best technological solutions in order to provide our customers with the highest quality products and help them fulfil their dreams of having their own garden pool. Our offer also includes modern pool technology, which increases the functionality of the pool and effective pool chemicals, which help to maintain water quality and safety. We want the PoolsFACTORY® product range to comprehensively meet the needs of customers investing in their own pool, so we also offer practical lighting to give your pool a whole new character. 

Why invest in pool lighting?

Lighting for a garden pool is important first of all because of the comfort of using the basin after dark, when there is no sunlight. In addition, it is worth noting that properly selected lighting for pools also gives amazing visual effects, illuminating the water. So it’s worth considering its installation and choosing outdoor pool lighting that’s tailored to your individual needs. 

How do you choose the right lighting for your garden pool?

The right lighting for garden pools must comply with current legislation and ensure that the luminaire is sealed and safe for use. It is therefore crucial that the quality of the products you choose is as high as possible. In addition, the underwater pool lighting should be matched to the size of the pool basin. This is important in order to determine the optimum number of lights required, thus guaranteeing the right functionality and visual effect, important for the pool atmosphere. 

LED pool lighting from PoolsFACTORY®.

PoolsFACTORY® offers a wide range of swimming pool equipment. Swimming pool accessories which make it easier to keep the pool clean, as well as pool chemicals and technology available in our offer are the way to effectively take care of the safety and comfort of your swimming. 

The PoolsFACTORY® shop sells, amongst other things, modern LED pool lights. LED lighting is often used because of its low operating costs. At PoolsFACTORY® we make every effort to ensure that customers only choose from high-quality products made from durable materials. The LED pool lights in our assortment can be white or multi-coloured. The multi-coloured lamps allow you to adjust the colour of the light to your current preferences.

In addition, we also offer halogen, colour lamp controller, which can be controlled via smartphone, wifi or bluetooth and transformer for halogen and LED lamps. We know that the price of pool lighting is important to our customers, so we make every effort to offer lighting accessories at attractive price variants.

Thanks to PoolsFactory® you will comprehensively equip your pool! Take advantage of our offer and create a swimming area tailored to your expectations.

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