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Swimming pool technology

At PoolsFACTORY®, we know that a swimming pool should be functional and provide comfortable bathing. This is why, among other things, modern and effective pool chemicals are available in our shop. Swimming pools need the right products to keep the water hygienic. In addition, we offer the necessary swimming pool accessories which make it easier to clean the water, the walls and the bottom of the pool. PoolsFACTORY® also offers state-of-the-art pool technology for even better comfort. 

PoolsFACTORY® swimming pool technology

We meet the needs of our customers, so our range is all about pools! The right pool technology is crucial to their ergonomics and comfort – at PoolsFACTORY® we offer a wide range of products that you can definitely use. Our product range includes skimmers, which allow the water in the pool to be collected efficiently and directed to the filter, and filter boxes made from robust and damage-resistant laminate in which to install the filter with pump, electrical board, lamp transformers or counter-current pump.

At PoolsFactory®, you can also choose functional HydroPro heat pumps for efficient heating of the pool water. HydroPro pumps are highly efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. It is worth noting that the pumps provide quiet operation, which is usually important for the comfort of pool owners. Our range also includes functional counterflows, which are useful for smaller pools. In addition, the shop sells filter sand for use in filters, inlet nozzles that are an important part of the filtration process, and bottom drains. Our customers can also opt for PVC element sets.

Everything for swimming pools – opt for quality!

Swimming pool installations have a huge impact on your comfort. At PoolsFACTORY® we care about the quality of our offerings, which is why we have carefully selected quality products in our range. In addition to pool technology, we also offer high-quality pool lighting. We make every effort to respond to the expectations of our customers, so the offer is created with the real needs of pool users in mind. Thanks to our many years of experience in the pool industry, we know exactly what you might actually need.

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