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What to cover the garden pool?

Find out what to cover the garden pool. We suggest what solutions you have to choose from!

In the cost of a year-round garden pool, it is definitely worth including a special cover. Why? In practice, proper covering of the pool allows you to reduce heat loss, and thus reduces the consumption of energy needed to heat the water. In addition, the pool cover effectively protects the water surface from pollution from the environment (leaves, blades of grass, insects, etc.), which would later have to be fished out. A pool cover is also one of the steps that is worth taking when planning to prepare the pool for the winter. Note: when choosing a winter pool cover, opt for a product dedicated to this purpose, which will be resistant to low temperatures and withstand snow loads.

How to cover the pool?

If the answer to the question of how to make a pool roof means too much expense for you, you have at your disposal a number of other solutions that do not require large financial outlays. One of them is a roller shutter – automatic or manual – built of combined PVC panels. The cost of such a blind depends primarily on the size of the basin, but it is a great way to quickly cover the garden pool and protect it from dirt and weather conditions.

Bubble wrap for pool

Another solution that you can use is a special bubble wrap for the pool, usually available in stores with chemistry and pool equipment. We also offer it in the PoolsFACTORY® assortment. Solar film is a very functional cover for the pool with excellent insulating properties. Pay attention to the fact that pool covers in the form of a solar film not only raise the temperature of the water in the pool, but also reduce the evaporation of water and its cooling at night, associated with a natural drop in temperatures.

Less pollution means that you do not have to use large doses of pool chemistry, which translates into specific savings. When choosing a solar pool film, pay attention to the size of the basin. The film should allow for tight covering of the pool. The cost of bubble wrap to cover the pool is about 150 – 250 PLN per running meter. In stores, you can also order a custom-made pool film.

What is the pool net for?

Cover for the pool in the form of a net can fulfill different roles, depending on the purpose of the product. In stores you will find nets for the garden pool, which are primarily used to protect the pool basin from animals or children getting into the water. Remember, however, that not all pool nets are designed for this! In addition, you can also opt for a pool covering in the form of a net, the main purpose of which is to protect the water surface against larger impurities. Therefore, when choosing a product, think about what function you care about the most and whether the model you are considering will be able to guarantee you the desired effect.

To sum up: if you want to limit heat loss, water evaporation and protect its lutro from pollution, but you can not or do not want to invest in the pool roof, a great solution will be to buy a special blind or bubble solar foil.

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