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Which filter pump will be the most suitable for your pool?

We explain which filter pump will be the most suitable for your pool and what you need to pay attention to when choosing a specific model. Check!

Own garden pool is a great convenience and investment in the value of the property. When deciding to buy it, however, you must remember that a functional water filtration system is crucial. Before you start thinking about how to clean the pool filter so that you can continue to use it or how to repair the sand filter, you need to decide on the right filter pump. Which pump to match to your pool? Why and do you need it at all? We will try to answer these questions today. 

Is a pool pump needed?

Before we explain which pump will be best for your pool, you need to know why it is actually so important for the quality of the water in the basin. To the point: what does the filter pump for the pool give? The basic element of any filter pump is, as the name suggests, a filter. Thanks to the pump, it is possible to suck water and pass it through the filter, which in turn allows you to remove a very large part of the impurities and pump the water back into the pool basin. In practice, this means that thanks to the filtering pump, the pool water is cleaned of leaves, grass, hair, etc.

What’s more, it is thanks to the water filtration system that there is less risk of developing algae that are dangerous to your health. The pool pump forces the movement of water, and the ideal environment that promotes the multiplication of algae are congestion. The pool pump filter must be regularly replaced or cleaned – it depends on which pump and which filters you are using. If you are at the stage of buying a basin and you are wondering which pool pump will be the best, ask the seller for help in choosing the optimal system.

Why is a pump in the pool useful?

Simply put– the filter pump guards the purity of the pool water. Clean water, in turn, is of great importance not only for the safety of you and your family, but also for the pleasure that comes from bathing, and after all, that’s why you invest your money in your own pool, right? Exactly! Do not forget that an efficient filtration system is not everything. 

It is also necessary to take care of the quality of the water with the help of appropriate pool chemistry. You can find information about this in our other articles.

How to choose a pump for the pool?

If you are wondering what filters will be suitable for the pool, pay attention to the fact that the most common are paper and sand filters. Paper filters are relatively cheap, but require quite frequent replacement. Sand filters, on the other hand, are more expensive, but have a longer service life. At Pools Factory, for polyester pools, we recommend sand filters or filters with a glass cartridge. 

Do you have no idea what pump to the pool will be a hit? When shopping, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • the size and, consequently, the capacity of the pool,
  • pump efficiency (we will write more about this later in the article),
  • pump diameter (adjust it to the dedicated hole in the pool),
  • filter replacement frequency,
  • operating costs,
  • the material from which the pump is made (its durability and resistance to damage are of fundamental importance).

The choice of a pool pump is a very important decision, which should absolutely not be a coincidence. It is on it that your safety largely depends, so the question of what pump will be the best for the pool, you have to ask yourself already at the stage of buying a basin.

What filter fits into a small pool?

You have no idea what filter for a small pool can turn out to be a hit? We have prepared the necessary tips for you! Remember that in the context of how to choose a filter for the pool, the size of the basin and your finances are crucial. If you have a small rack or expansion pool, you can usually afford more budget solutions, especially if you have limited financial possibilities. The filters most commonly used for small pools are primarily paper filters. Relatively cheap and easily accessible.

What is the significance of the performance of the pool pump?

We mentioned above that the efficiency of the pool pump is one of those factors that are fundamental when deciding to buy the right device. The pump capacity is given in litres per hour (L/H). This value tells you how many liters of water a particular pump is able to filter in an hour. In this case, the optimal performance will depend on the capacity of your pool and the required number of full filtrations performed per day.

What pump for the pool: sand or ordinary?

Ordinary, or what? In addition to sand pumps, pumps with paper filters are also very popular. The final choice is yours. First of all, take into account the capacity of the pool and the amount you have. Remember that the purchase of a filter pump is one of the most important decisions that will affect the quality and purity of pool water, so it is not worth saving on it. Quality above all!

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