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How to calculate the capacity of the pool?

Learn how to quickly calculate the capacity of a pool and why you actually need to know what  the value is!

Own swimming pool is no long to be a luxury that only a few can afford. Thanks to modern technologies, more and more people can afford to invest in their own basin. The cost of a garden pool depends, of course, m.in on size, but in Pools Factory the prices of basins start from over PLN 7,000. Summer heat can give us a hard time, and the garden pool is a great place to enjoy the charms of warm months. An additional convenience is the pool roof, protecting the water surface from pollution. In this article, we will explain to you how to calculate the capacity of a round and rectangular pool and why you actually need to do it.

Why do you need to know the capacity of your pool?

For what reason do you need to know how to calculate the amount of water that fits in the pool? It’s simple – calculating the capacity of the pool is necessary to know how much pool chemistry should be used to achieve optimal effects. In other words, how much water is in your pool is a basic issue to be able to adjust the amount of preparations consumed, and thus properly take care of quality and proper hygiene, which in turn is crucial for your health. 

If you are just facing a decision about buying a trough or you are just choosing one of the available models, you can and even should ask the seller about the capacity of the pool. We advise you to write down this information – memory can be unreliable. How many liters of water can fit in the pool is also important due to its subsequent maintenance costs. Thanks to this, already at the stage of buying a swimming pool, you will be able to answer the question whether your budget will bear the costs of water used in the basin. 

What is the formula for the capacity of the pool?

Let’s get to the merits: how to calculate cubic meters of a pool? The method of calculating the capacity of the pool depends on the shape of the basin: round or rectangular. How to calculate the volume and capacity of a rectangular pool? A rectangular pool is simply a cuboid, therefore the formula for calculating the volume of the pool is: V = length × width × height. That is, if you want to know how much water enters your pool, you need to make the following capacity calculations:

Step 1. Multiply by yourself the length, width and depth of the pool. Values should be expressed in meters. 

Step 2. Multiply the result by 1000. Ready? The result of your calculation is the capacity in liters.

If you want to know how much water fits into a round pool, you do the same, except that you need to know its diameter and depth. How to calculate the amount of water in a round pool? You multiply the length of the diameter by the length of the diameter, then by the depth (diameter and depth expressed in meters) and the number 785. The result obtained is given in liters.

NOTE: mathematical formulas for how to calculate how much water is in the pool are used only to calculate approximate values.

Want to know how to calculate m3 of pool water? All you have to do is calculate the number of liters. Liters can then be easily converted into the number of cubic meters of the pool.

How to calculate the capacity of the pool? Summary!

It is best if the manufacturer provides you with information about the capacity of the pool. You can also calculate the capacity in liters yourself (note, however, that in this way you will get only approximate results) or use ready-made calculators, giving the required data. Knowing the capacity of your pool is crucial for the proper dosage of the necessary chemicals and the calculation of the maintenance costs of the pool in the context of water consumption.

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