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How to make a pool roof of wood and a sliding roof by yourself?

We suggest how to make a pool roof made of wood or a sliding roof by yourself and whether it is possible at all. Find out if it is worth starting to work independently!

When investing in your own swimming pool, you have to make a 2 sit of important decisions. How to heat the water in the pool? Which filtration system to choose? What is the cost of maintaining the pool? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself. At this stage, it 2 sit2o worth considering the roofing of the pool. Why is a garden pool with a roof really good idea? How to make a pool roof yourself and why 2 sit a difficult task? We explain!

What do you need a pool roof for?

A pool roof is a very practical solution that brings many advantages. What? What makes the roofing of a garden pool definitely worth it?

  • Protect the pool water table from pollution. A tight roof protects the pool against dirt carried by the wind: sand, blades of grass, falling leaves, etc. For you, this means a lot of comfort, because in practice the roofing for the pool will make cleaning the water surface much easier.
  • Reduce heat loss. A roof for a garden pool reduces the rate of cooling of water. Thanks to this, you do not reduce the amount of energy you will need to heat it to an optimal level, so you save. A covered pool, thanks to the fact that its water is warmer, can be used longer, which is of key importance in the Polish climate zone.

A pool roof is an investment that is definitely worth considering. When choosing a pool roof, you must keep in mind the size of the basin and the desired height of the structure. Do not forget that the pool roof in the garden is aesthetically matched to its arrangement.

Wood pool roofing: for who?

The roofing of a wood pool is an interesting idea for people who love natural materials and are fans of rustic style. In the case of large garden pools with a roof, only the structure is most often made of wood, while the filling consists of polycarbonate elements.

Let’s be honest: making such a roof yourself is very difficult and requires really great skills and technological facilities. You need to know how to plan the structure so that it does not collapse and is completely safe and functional. Measure your strength against intentions – if you are not sure that you can cope with such a challenge, use the help of professionals.

The roof in the form of a lid for a small frame pool can be made of properly impregnated wooden boards. When planning this construction, make sure that the boards can be easily spread out in the pool (they should not touch the water). The easiest way is if the roof will be unfolded in several parts. Such a simple roof for a garden pool is an alternative to professional blinds.

Sliding pool roof

A covered garden pool can be secured with a sliding roof. The structure is often aluminum, and the filling is made of polycarbonate plates. Individual segments of the roof are sliding. Can such a sliding roof over the pool be made by hand? As in the case of a wooden roof, working on a sliding roof with your own hands is a huge logistical challenge that requires great skills. If you need a safe roof over the pool, it is easier to decide on ready-made roofs, the offer of which is very wide. If the cost of a garden pool has exhausted your budget and you do not currently have the money to buy a roof, remember that you can simply decide on a similar solution in the near future, when you already have the right amount.

How to make a pool roof yourself? Summary!

A canopy is a great answer to the question of how to take care of the water in the pool. Less pollution also means less pool chemistry used, which is inextricably linked to saving money. Making a pool roof yourself is a very difficult task that requires great skills and modern equipment, which is why it is easier to invest in professional products.

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