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Swimming pool accessories

With PoolsFACTORY® you can turn your dream of having your own garden pool into a reality. Not only do you find robust polyester pools that are easy to install and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but also the necessary accessories such as pool chemicals for good hygiene and pool lighting for easy use and visual effects. PoolsFACTORY® also offers the necessary pool accessories to make it easier to maintain the water. 

Garden pool accessories: a wide range and high quality products.

Swimming pool accessories are our speciality! For example, PoolsFACTORY® offers a solar cover in two different widths to seal the water level. The solar film not only protects the pool water from external impurities (leaves, grass blades, etc.) but also minimises evaporation and cooling of the water during the night. In addition, solar film raises the temperature of the water in your pool, thus reducing the energy needed to heat it, which means tangible savings for you. 

Swimming pool accessories are equipment you should definitely invest in if you want to keep your pool clean. In our range, you’ll find various models of Dolphin pool hoovers, functional handrails, hand-held nets for collecting debris from the water surface, brushes for cleaning pool walls, a thermometer for measuring pool temperature and rollers for film. All our garden pool accessories are carefully selected – we want to offer our customers the highest possible quality, combined with a wide range of products that really come in handy when caring for the pool and water. 

Choose functional swimming pool accessories and take care of the water quality!

Our pool accessories shop is the place to find the most important tools for keeping your pool clean and making it easier to maintain the temperature and hygiene of the water, which is essential for your swimming comfort. In addition, we also offer a special spout, which gives a stream of water is an interesting aesthetic attraction. The water jet is also a massage.

In addition, our offer includes specialised swimming pool technology – filters, heat pumps, etc. By offering comprehensive equipment for a garden pool, we make it easier for you to arrange it properly. The accessories available in the shop are a great way to ensure the pleasure of swimming in your own pool. Comprehensive equipment will help you maintain your pool more easily. 

We encourage you to make a purchase. We will be happy to share our knowledge and many years of experience with you.

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