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Swimming pool in the garden. What cost do you need to prepare?

Are you wondering what is the cost of installing a pool in the garden? Do you want to check if your own swimming pool is within your financial capabilities? Check our suggestions!

Imagine: summer, heat, and you can cool down in your own pool at any time. Sounds great, right? A private pool is also a chance to improve your fitness with regular swimming training – you don’t have to pack anything in your bag and go to a public swimming pool. So you save time and energy. It is very possible that you have been thinking about a similar investment for a long time, but the cost of building a swimming pool in the garden or house spends your sleep with your eyelids. Meanwhile, the swimming pool has long ceased to be a luxury that only the most affluent can afford. What is the cost of building a swimming pool near the house? What expenses, apart from buying the right basin, do you need to prepare for? We will try to answer these questions today.

How much cost building a swimming pool at home?

Before we start analyzing the cost of a backyard pool, let’s deal with his internal counterpart for a moment. The price of building a swimming pool at home depends largely on when you decide to take this step. It is best if you do it at the stage of personalizing the selected house design. The architect will be able to offer you the most suitable solutions, and their implementation will not be as limited by technical possibilities as in the case of ready-made buildings. It is also usually a more financially advantageous solution, because then you do not have to rebuild the interior of the property. You should also be aware that not every house you have already built will be suitable for adaptation for the pool. In practice, how much it costs to build a swimming pool is influenced m.in by such factors as:

  • the size of the basin,
  • applied technology,
  • the moment of construction (in the finished building or during the construction of real estate),
  • the way of heating the water in the pool.

Therefore, it is difficult to clearly determine what is the cost of building a swimming pool at home. It is best if you ask several companies for a valuation of a similar service, thanks to which you will be able to choose the most financially attractive offer. 

What does the cost of a swimming pool in the garden depend on?

Are you wondering how much it costs to build a swimming pool next to the house? If you are going to plan such an investment, start by choosing the type of trough. You can opt for a concrete, steel or even wooden pool. A very interesting solution, limiting the time of construction of the pool, are polyester basins, which are entirely transported to the customer’s plot. This is one of the cheapest, but at the same time functional options, provided that you decide on the offer of a proven manufacturer. 

Such pools are offered by PoolsFactory®. We are the largest manufacturer of polyester swimming pools in Europe. Pools are offered in four price categories, so you can opt for a brand that suits your financial capabilities. 

We know that customers have different expectations in the context of the size and shape of pools, which is why in the PoolsFactory® assortment you will find a wide selection of them and adapt the pool to your needs. The most affordable pools can be found in the Economy Line. The cheapest swimming pool in our offer costs just over 7000 PLN!

What’s next? What else does the cost of building a swimming pool next to the house depend on? It is important what technology your choice will fall on, but when calculating the budget, you must remember m.in about such issues as:

  • transport costs,
  • excavation (the price will increase if the land requires proper preparation),
  • works related to the construction or installation of a ready-made basin (the scope depends on the specific type of basin),
  • installation of necessary accessories.

Remember that the cost of building a backyard pool in the garden also depends on whether you decide only on basic equipment or invest in additional amenities that will increase your comfort, i.e.:

  • system enabling heating of water for the pool (heat pump, solar collectors, heat exchangers, etc.)
  • protection of the pool in the form of a special solar mat, which will prevent heat loss, optimizing the water temperature,
  • shield the water surface from contaminants such as leaves, insects, branches, grass, etc.

By choosing pools from the PoolsFactory® offer, you reduce the work related to the construction of the pool to a minimum, thanks to which you can easily estimate the initial investment costs. In addition, we are here to help you at every stage. 

When analyzing your budget, do not forget about what are the subsequent costs of maintaining the pool. Calculate them in advance, which will allow you to prepare for them financially. For safety reasons, you need to know how to take care of clean water in the pool and what you will need in this regard. It is advisable, among other things, to use chlorine (or other methods of disinfection), anti-algae agents and preparations for coagulation of impurities (in pools with a sand filter). Before you use any chemistry, make sure it’s safe for your pool. 

You also need to check the pH level in the pool and take care of mechanical removal of dirt. Cleaning the water in the pool is one thing, but it is also necessary to clean its bottom and walls, for example, with the help of a suitable vacuum cleaner. Specifics: how much does it cost to maintain the pool? This is a very individual issue, which is primarily influenced by the water heating system, but it can be assumed that the monthly cost of maintaining the pool from the PoolsFactory® offer, including pool chemistry and energy needed for the pool installation, is about PLN 200 – 800.

The cost of building a garden pool with a roof

You already know that how much it costs to build a swimming pool in the garden is a matter depending on the type of pool, the scope necessary to perform the work and additional equipment. The price of a backyard swimming pool, however, has long ceased to be prohibitive, and your own pool is absolutely not a luxury that only a few can afford. If you calculate the cost of building a garden pool, take into account its possible roofing. This is a very convenient solution, because a tight roof, leaving no free space, will limit the cooling of water and protect its mirror from pollution.

The price of the finished roof depends on its height, the technology used and, of course, the size of the pool. Some canopies include not only a swimming pool, but also additional space, so you need to think about what sizes of construction will be most suitable for you. You can order the cheapest roofs of small pools from approx. 3000 – 4000 PLN, but the costs may well oscillate around 100 000 PLN.

LET’S SUM UP: the price of a swimming pool at home does not have to be high. On the contrary, how much a swimming pool in the garden costs depends to a large extent on the size of the basin, the type of pool and the selected equipment. The cost of building a swimming pool can therefore be reduced, for example, by limiting the purchase of additional accessories, as long as it does not affect your comfort. 

The cost of building a swimming pool in the garden also depends on whether you decide to have a roof. The budget needed for this investment can be estimated quite precisely, which makes it easier to make the final decision.

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