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What are the benefits of using a UV lamp in your pool?

Find out the benefits of using a UV lamp in your pool. We tell you what to keep in mind when you’re thinking about effective water disinfection!

Keeping the water in your pool clean is not only an investment in swimming pleasure, but above all it’s about keeping you and your family healthy. Unfortunately, algae, fungi, bacteria and other micro organisms can multiply in pool water, which is why effective disinfection and proper filtration are so important. A UV pool lamp can provide effective water disinfection, which is why its use is becoming increasingly popular. What are the advantages of using a UV pool lamp? Is it worth buying one? We explain!

What does a UV lamp do for your pool?

When analysing the cost of a garden pool, you need to consider a number of factors. Not only the purchase of the pool is crucial. You must also include pool accessories and later expenses on pool maintenance, including, among others, pool chemicals. In addition to chemical preparations, special UV lamps for swimming pools are increasingly being used to disinfect the water. What do they do? 

First of all, they work very well in the fight against microorganisms that can be dangerous to the health of pool users. A UV lamp for the garden pool also reduces the chloramine content, which translates to a reduction in the smell of chlorine (and therefore also has a positive effect on your comfort) and minimises the possible eye and skin irritations that chlorine can unfortunately sometimes cause. In other words, a UV lamp can have a positive effect on the pleasure and safety of using a swimming pool.

The use of a UV lamp in a swimming pool can also significantly reduce the amount of pool chemicals used, which of course has a significant impact on the costs associated with purchasing the necessary preparations. The UV lamp can also extend the time between water changes, which is also important for pool maintenance costs. 

How does a UV pool light work?

A pool pump in action with a UV lamp helps to effectively take care of high water quality. As well as being effective against germs, a UV pool lamp also guarantees easy installation (the installation process must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions) and simple operation, which is particularly important for many investors. Garden pools that use a UV lamp can also have clearer water, which is important for your swimming comfort. The purchase price of a UV pool lamp is around £2000 – £4000 depending on the model you choose. The principle of the lamp is very simple – the devices emit UV radiation that has disinfecting properties. 

When choosing a lamp suitable for your pool, you need to pay attention to a few basic issues:

  • warranty period,
  • the quality of the material and workmanship,
  • power supply,
  • the maximum capacity of the pool.

UV lamps for swimming pools are available from pool chemists and pool manufacturers. You can also find them in PoolsFACTORY®, so come and visit us!

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