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How to clean the bottom of the pool in your garden?

Wondering how to clean the bottom of the pool and do you need to do it at all? We will tell you what you need to remember if you want to properly take care of the condition of the basin and pool water.

Cleaning your pool is crucial for your health and comfort. The relationship is very simple: dirty pool = dirty water. You don’t drink water from a dirty glass, do you? That is why the answer to the question of how to care for water in the pool is not only the correct use of chlorine or other methods of its disinfection, but also care for the hygiene of the walls and bottom of the basin. How to clean the bottom of the pool? Do you need specific tools for this? You will find the answer to these questions in today’s post. Check out what you need to know!

How to clean the bottom of the garden pool?

If you are wondering how to clean the bottom of the pool from sand or other dirt, you must remember that a lot depends on whether there is already water in the pool. If so, the best solution will be special vacuum cleaners for cleaning the bottom of the pool – available in stores, which offer basins, accessories and pool chemistry. In the case of garden pools, buying a vacuum cleaner is an investment that will definitely pay off for you: cleaning the bottom of the pool from sand sediment and other impurities must be done regularly, and a vacuum cleaner is the most convenient option. 

You can choose from manual and automatic vacuum cleaners. Automatic models are recommended primarily for large basins, for which manual cleaning would be problematic and time-consuming. A hand vacuum cleaner costs just over PLN 100, while automatic vacuum cleaners can be bought at a price of several hundred zlotys, but you will also find models costing approx. PLN 2,000 – 4,000.

Which model is worth choosing? It all depends on what budget you have. Make sure that the vacuum cleaner you choose can be used underwater, and for robotic vacuum cleaners, check how long the duty cycle is. You can also check the opinions of other users about individual models of vacuum cleaners, assessing their quality. When buying a pool vacuum cleaner, also pay attention to whether the model offers only vacuuming or its use allows you to clean the basin.

How to clean the bottom of the pool without a vacuum cleaner?

Do you already know how to vacuum the bottom of the pool, but you still have no idea how to clean the pool at the bottom if you do not have a vacuum cleaner? In a situation where the pool is still empty, you can simply use a dedicated telescopic brush. If you are a happy owner of a large basin, when buying a brush for cleaning the pool, pay attention to the maximum length of the handle, which should allow you to reach even the farthest corners of the cleaned bottom. The brush for cleaning the bottom of the pool must be equipped with bristles adapted to the material from which the basin was made – this is important for its safety.

How to effectively clean the bottom of the pool from sand?

Sand in the pool is unfortunately a common problem. Why? Placing the pool in the garden, where sand occurs naturally, even if the whole garden covers the lawn, means that sometimes on the route from the sun lounger to the pool or on the house-pool section you will walk barefoot, which will result in sand on your feet. Of course, you can and even should shake it off before entering the water, but even so, after a while, there may be a pretty thick layer of sand at the bottom of your pool, especially if more people are using the pool. What then? How to remove sediment from the sand at the bottom of the pool? If your pool is equipped with a filter pump that purifies the water, you have an easier task – the filters should catch the pollution. Cleaning the bottom of the pool from sand sediment can also be carried out using vacuum cleaners, which we have already mentioned.  

Homemade ways to clean the bottom of the pool: does it make sense?

You must remember that the process of cleaning the pool must be carried out according to the instructions that you will receive from the manufacturer of the basin. It is very important to keep it in good technical condition for a long time, so if you do not know how to remove sand deposits from the bottom of the pool and thoroughly clean the walls and bottom of the basin, before you start any work, carefully check the recommendations you received during the purchase.

Do not forget that different types of sediment may settle at the bottom of your pool. Some of them are caused, for example, by too high a pH level of water. Therefore, before starting the cleaning process, make sure what color the sediment has, what is the reason for its appearance and what methods of conduct are therefore recommended. Example? Green sediment means algae in the pool.

Is the use of homemade ways to clean the bottom of the pool justified? Trust only proven methods, recommended by specialists and professional detergents. After all, your health is at stake – there is no place for any experiments here.

To sum up: how you will clean your pool largely depends on the size of the basin, whether the pool has already been filled with water and the type of sediment you are dealing with. A reasonable solution is to buy a suitable vacuum cleaner that will quickly clean the bottom of the pool from unnecessary dirt – adapt the model to the size of the surface to be cleaned. Note: Before you use any pool chemistry, make sure it is safe for your pool.

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