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How to deal with brown water in the pool?

Find out what it means that the water in the pool is ironed. We suggest how to deal with brown water in the pool and take care of a safe bath!

Regular cleaning of the pool, its walls and bottom, maintaining the pH of the pool at an appropriate and safe level for humans, properly applied chlorine to the pool – these issues are crucial for the quality of the pool water, and thus your safety and comfort of bathing. As a pool owner, however, you need to know how to react if there are alarming signals. Today we will try to explain how to take care of the water in the pool if it is ironed? What to do to effectively deal with this problem? Is rusty water harmful to you? Suggestions!

Iron water in the pool: causes

The iron water in the pool, as the name suggests, means that there is too much iron in it. Sometimes the reason can also be manganese. Such water is colorless, its color changes only after the addition of chlorine, which is used as standard for disinfection or as a result of iron oxidation by air. Then brown water appears in the pool, which looks dirty. The iron water in the pool can also be yellow. That is why we recommend filling the pools with water from the municipal water supply. Take into account that the water taken from other intakes may contain too high a concentration of iron.

Note: sometimes the brown coloration of the water can be caused by the appearance of brown algae. That’s why, before you proceed with any action, make sure why the water in your pool has changed color. In the case of algae, the procedure should be different from if the water is ironed.

Is ironed water harmful?

Unfortunately, yes and doubly so: for your health and the functioning of the pool. Strongly ironed water in the pool not only looks very unsightly, but can quickly destroy its equipment. However, this is only the beginning of the problems! Brown, rusty water in the pool usually smells unpleasant and can be dangerous to your health, so you need to take appropriate steps as soon as possible to neutralize the problem.

The “red” water in the pool absolutely can not wait for a reaction on your part. Start acting at the earliest possible stage of water ironing, but be prepared anyway that the fight for the purity of pool water may not be so simple. In practice, brown water in the pool sometimes requires several days of work enabling its effective purification.

How to remove iron from the water in PoolsFACTORY ® pools?

If you have no idea how to get rid of iron from water, first get impact chlorine (it is very possible that you already have the right preparation, because shock chlorination is one of the basic activities disinfecting water) and a flocculant. What’s next? How to effectively remove iron from water?

Step 1. After you fill the pool with water, you need to apply impact chlorine to it (dosage: 150-200 g per 10 m3). In addition, adjust the pH to 7.0.

Step 2. Now it’s time to apply the flocculant to the water. Thanks to this, iron particles will precipitate from the water and sink to the bottom of the pool basin, and you will get rid of them more easily. 

Step 3. Wait 12 hours. After this time, you will notice a brown sediment at the bottom of the pool, which should be cleaned as thoroughly as possible. How to quickly remove iron sediment? You can easily get rid of it using an underwater pool vacuum cleaner. 

Step 4. Turn on the water filtration and chlorine dosing system. At this stage, it is also necessary to adjust the pH to the level of 7.2 – 7.6.

Please note that the iron content of the water that can be used to fill the pool basin must not be higher than 0.1 mg/l, therefore the method described above is the final remedy. 

TO SUM UP: how to remove iron from water? It is best not to allow a situation in which its concentration will be too high and take water to fill the pool from the municipal water supply. However, if, despite your efforts, the iron content is too high and you are wondering how to effectively defer the water in the pool, you need to prepare impact chlorine and flocculant.

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