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What to consider when choosing a pool hoover?

Find out what to consider when choosing a pool hoover and why you actually need to invest in one. We explain!

A swimming pool hoover is one of the essential pieces of equipment you should have if you’re the lucky owner of your own pool. The right pool accessories will make it easier for you to look after your pool and increase your comfort of swimming.  Outdoor pools without a cover are exposed to the elements, which leads to a build-up of dirt. This, in turn, not only makes using the pool a pleasure, but also makes it more difficult.

How does a pool cleaner work?

Maintaining pool hygiene requires applying the right pool chemicals, maintaining the correct pH and covering the water surface when you’re not using the pool. In addition, it’s also essential to use effective pool hoovers. For what reasons? A hoover for the walls and bottom of the pool allows you to effectively clean the pool of, for example, sand, which in turn is crucial for the cleanliness of the water. The exact way a pool hoover works depends on which model you ultimately choose, but the basic principle is simple: hoovers suck up the water along with any debris, which allows them to filter out the dirt.

How do I connect a hoover to my pool?

Knowing that a garden pool hoover is important to ensure the right level of cleanliness, choosing the right equipment shouldn’t be haphazard. A good pool hoover is one that will suit your individual needs. There are two types of hoovers on the market: self-filtered hoovers that don’t need to be connected to a filter pump and hoovers that do, because they work with a pool’s filtration system. To summarise: the way to connect a hoover to a swimming pool depends on which hoover you use. Remember to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you want to make sure that the hoover is compatible with your pool, you can opt for a model dedicated to a specific basin. 

Which pool cleaner is right for your pool?

Not sure which pool cleaner to buy? In this case, the size of the pool is key.

Manual pool hoovers. A handheld pool cleaner is a relatively inexpensive solution, recommended for those on a relatively small budget, but it may not be handy if your pool is larger. Manual cleaning is then time-consuming and can be tiring. If you’re wondering which handheld pool cleaner to choose, there are two main considerations.

  • The reach of the handle – adapt it to the size of your pool. The handle should allow you to easily reach all the nooks and crannies of the bottom and sides of the pool.
  • The weight of the hoover – the heavier the hoover, the more difficult it will be to handle, and the heavier it will be overloaded for longer periods of time, affecting its effectiveness. Want to ensure comfortable cleaning? Opt for a lightweight, handy model.

The cost of buying a robotic hoover is several hundred zlotys. When choosing an underwater hoover for your pool, also check customer reviews on the products you are considering buying. 

Automatic pool hoovers. If you don’t know which pool hoover to choose and you have a larger pool, an automatic model may be the best solution. The pool hoover will then allow you to efficiently clean the dirt without your involvement. When choosing a ride-on pool cleaner, make sure the model is suitable for cleaning both the bottom of the pool and the walls. Make sure it’s suitable for the length of your pool (often hoovers are designed for a specific length of pool) – this is key to its effectiveness. 

What else do you need to keep in mind? When choosing the best hoover for your pool, also focus on: filtering accuracy and maximum run time. If your choice isn’t a cordless pool cleaner, check the length of the cable – it should allow you to work freely throughout the pool. 

How the hoover is powered is also fundamental. A battery-powered hoover for the pool will work well for relatively small tanks, but has the unquestionable advantage of not having a cable that could limit the equipment’s performance. However, make sure you have a supply of the batteries you need on hand. A rechargeable pool hoover, on the other hand, is a solution for larger basins. Note, however, that a rechargeable pool hoover requires regular recharging. On the other hand, an electric pool hoover will be useful for those looking for an efficient appliance. 

CONCLUSION: Today, pool technology guarantees access to solutions that make keeping your pool clean much easier. If you’re choosing a pool hoover, you need to pay attention to what type of pool the model is suitable for. Also, choose a hoover according to the size of the pool and its design. Using a particular hoover model should be absolutely safe for the pool.

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