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Why is the water in your pool green?

We explain why the water in your pool is green! Find out what could be the reasons for the change in its colour. 

The change in the colour of your pool water can have many different causes. It all depends on the shade it has taken on. Green pool water is an alarming signal that definitely requires proper intervention on your part. In this article, we will try to answer the question of what to do when your pool water is green and why this colour change is actually possible. Read how to get rid of green pool water!

Why is the pool water green?

If you don’t know why your pool water turns green, you probably “have algae”. Initially, they appear on the bottom of the pool and its walls. You may then notice a characteristic slippery residue. The next stage of algae growth, which is facilitated by high temperatures, is the turbidity of the water. Algae also turn the pool water green. Before you start wondering how to clean green pool water, here are some tips to help you minimise the risk of algae proliferation – your garden pool needs proper care. How do I look after my pool water?

Rule number one: maintain proper pool water hygiene. That means using dedicated chemicals regularly. Don’t neglect it; your safety is at stake. Make sure the correct chlorine levels are maintained. Pool chemicals should be high quality and suited to your pool. Pay attention to the correct dosage!

Rule number two: watch out for standing water! Stagnant water is the perfect breeding ground for algae, so it’s essential to pump the water. 

Rule number three: choose a filtration system that suits your individual needs and the type and size of your pool. Filtration that doesn’t work efficiently enough won’t clean the pool water sufficiently, which can encourage algae growth.

Rule number four: don’t forget to rinse the filter and, if necessary, replace it. How to proceed depends largely on what kind of filter you have. 

Knowing the most common causes of green pool water makes it easier to counteract them. 

Green pool water: is it safe to swim in?

You already know what you can do to prevent your pool water from turning green, but what should you do if, despite your best efforts, algae develops? Is the green pool water harmful? We don’t have good news for you. If algae has grown in your pool, it will be an environment where various types of fungi and viruses can quickly develop and pose a serious threat to your health. As a result, pool use is then prohibited. 

Green pool water after the rain

If you don’t want the algae in your pool to have a favourable environment to grow, try to control the pH of the water regularly. All you need to do is stock up on special testers that you can buy, for example, in pool chemistry shops. You must remember that the pH of the water can change quickly after a rainfall, so monitoring is an absolute must. Remember that rain can significantly lower the pH of your pool water. Adjusting the pH to the right level is one of the most important steps in caring for your pool water quality. It is also crucial to the effective action of chemical preparations. 

Green pool water after winter

Why is your pool water green after winter? It’s very possible that the cause of your problems is a failure to properly protect your pool before the winter season, when you stop using it. Remember that your pool should not be left “alone”. Amongst other things, it is essential to correctly adjust the pH level of the water that will be in the basin over the winter. This will help you counteract algae growth in spring. 

Green pool water: what to do?

Let’s get to the point: what can you do if your pool water is green? Are there ways to get rid of algae in your pool? Yes, it’s possible to win the battle against algae, but you have to remember that the more advanced your problem is, the longer the battle will have to be prepared for. This is why it is so important to react quickly, as soon as you notice the first signs of algae growth. Not sure how to get rid of green water from your pool? On the market, you can choose from special chemicals that prevent algae from forming in the water. Remember that you must start any action by checking the pH of the water and the chlorine level. Furthermore, clean the walls and the bottom of the pool with a pool hoover. Shock chlorination and a concentrated anti-algae treatment will also be necessary. In the event of an algae problem, follow the instructions supplied with your pool.  

Very green pool water – home remedies

Looking for home remedies for green pool water? Our advice is to use specialist products that are safe for your pool and have been tested. Algae growth in your pool is too serious a problem to ignore. We would like to remind you once again that it is much better to prevent algae growth than to deal with it later. 

Green pool water after adding chlorine

Green pool water is not likely to appear after adding chlorine. The colour change after chlorine treatment, however, occurs in the case of iron-rich water. Due to the large amount of iron and manganese in the water, the water can turn a rusty colour when chlorinated pool chemicals are applied. Remember that ironed water can be dangerous to your health and to your pool, so it’s important to take action as soon as possible to get rid of the problem. 

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