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Garden cellar

A garden cellar is the ideal place to store crops from the garden, vegetables and fruit bought from local markets, shops or farmers and home-made preserves. Prefabricated garden cellars from the Eco Secret® and Garden Secret 4you® ranges guarantee a constant temperature and make use of the earth’s natural properties for cooling, insulation and moisture, creating perfect conditions for storing food.

Small garden cellar: free up space in your home!

No space for storing preserves, a pantry that is too warm and where fruit and vegetables quickly lose their freshness? A ready-made garden cellar from NAWI Design is the solution to these problems. Garden Secret 4you® cellars are made of laminate – a durable, resistant material that is easy to keep clean. In our offer you will find, among others, small garden cellars equipped with shelves made of plywood, which are ideal for storing food. Quick to assemble without devastating your garden or creating a mound, our top-entry garden cellar is a discreet solution that you can easily hide from view. 

Ready made garden cellar from NAWI Design: saving time and energy

Ready-made garden cellars made of laminate guarantee 100% tightness. We have gained experience with this material in the production of garden pools and therefore are able to use a wide range of possibilities. PoolsFACTORY® also offers modern pool equipment. The design of a garden cellar from NAWI Design can be tailored to individual needs – the modules can be freely combined to create a custom-made cellar. The plastic garden cellars available in our offer are ready-made products which do not require additional insulation or independent interior design. By choosing NAWI Desing offer, you can quickly enjoy your new cellar, without the need to personally supervise the construction of the cellar. You only need to assemble the chosen model of the cellar. 

Garden cellar with stairs: comfort within reach

The designs of garden cellars offered by NAWI Desing are the answer to the needs of the modern investor. The cellars are equipped with comfortable and safe stairs. In the Garden Secret 4you® series, you can choose a staircase with a special anti-slip system and handrail or a simple ladder. Moreover, you can opt for a prefabricated plastic garden cellar for storing food only or a model with a social module, ideal for relaxing and a WINE SPACE, a special area for storing your favourite drinks. The interior of the NAWI Design cellars from the Garden Secret 4you® series consists of convenient shelves with high load capacity and aesthetically arranged lighting. 

Garden cellar – various sizes to suit your needs

Building a garden cellar with NAWI Design is trivially easy! You have various sizes of cellars at your disposal, so you can decide on the size that best suits your individual expectations. A small garden cellar will be ideal if you have a relatively small plot of land or you and your family do not intend to store very large food stocks. Combining Garden Secret 4you® modules allows you to design a cellar that is realistically tailored to your needs. Garden Secret 4you® is a marriage of the strength of laminate and the natural look of plywood, which gives a modern yet cosy aesthetic effect. 

Garden cellars: price

The price of garden cellars from NAWI Design varies depending on which model you choose. This allows you to adjust the final cost of the garden cellar to your budget, controlling your expenses more easily. Please note that the price of a ready-made garden cellar with stairs or ladder is the cost of buying a complete, insulated product – you do not need to spend additional money on the interior design of the cellar. We have taken care of that for you!

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