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How does a pool skimmer work?

Find out what a pool skimmer is and how it works. We’ll tell you if you need to decide to buy one!

Keeping your pool water clean is a priority. Dirty water not only looks unsightly and negatively affects the enjoyment you get from swimming, it can also be a health and safety hazard for pool users. Algae can grow in dirty standing water and turn it a distinctive green colour. Outdoor pools should therefore in practice be equipped with modern pool accessories that are as functional as possible, so that the water can be cleaned efficiently. In this article we will try to answer the question of what is a pool skimmer, how does it work and whether it is worth investing in it. 

What is a pool skimmer?

A pool skimmer is a side drain that drains water in the direction of filtration. In practice, a pool skimmer allows you to effectively catch larger debris that is on the water surface. This could be leaves, blades of grass, insects etc. For outdoor pools, this kind of dirt is completely natural, so to limit the amount of dirt, it’s a good idea to cover the pool for the times when you’re not using it. Dirt builds up on the basket in the skimmer, so it’s crucial to clean it regularly. 

The skimmer usually works in conjunction with a filter pump to move the water. This is what allows dirt to get into the skimmer mesh. It is worth noting that the skimmer, i.e. the pool water purifier, prevents clogging of the pump filter because, as we have already mentioned, it “captures” larger dirt that the filter would not be able to cope with or for which it would be problematic. This, in turn, is vital to the pump’s condition and its smooth operation.

A surface pool skimmer has another purpose: equipped with a pool chemical container, it can be used as a tablet dispenser for disinfecting pool water. Chlorine tablets cannot be applied directly in the water – this is dangerous for your pool basin. 

How do I connect a skimmer to my pool?

You already know how an external pool skimmer works and why it’s one of the essential pieces of pool equipment. What’s important: larger pools may require more than one skimmer, so consider how many skimmers you’ll need for your pool. Note, however, that how to install a pool skimmer is highly individual, depending on which model you choose, so follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. In addition to “stationary” skimmers mounted on the edge of the pool, which are connected to the filter pump, pool owners can also opt for special skimmers designed to float on the water surface.

A pool skimmer – is it worth opting for one?

Whether your choice is a floating pool skimmer or a skimmer mounted to the filter pump, it’s definitely worth opting for this piece of equipment. The way a skimmer for your pool works allows you to avoid unnecessary breakdowns of the filter pump, thus minimising the risk of its damage and, consequently, repairs that entail specific costs. In addition, installing a pool skimmer means that you don’t have to fish out larger debris yourself using a net, which requires time and effort. A pool skimmer is therefore one of those accessories that can significantly simplify water care. This means that investing in one is a very good idea not only for very large tanks, but also for smaller pools. 

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Which pool skimmer to choose?

If you are wondering which surface skimmer for your pool to choose, there are a few important things to consider:

  • the quality of the materials from which the skimmer is made – high quality ensures greater durability and resistance to possible damage,
  • the type of pool,
  • the possibility of adjusting the height of the skimmer,
  • colour,
  • UV coating,
  • flow capacity of the skimmer – it must be adjusted to the flow capacity of the filter pump, with which it will be connected.

SUMMARY: prices of skimmers for swimming pools oscillate within the range of 300 – 900 PLN. So it’s not a big expense, but it can definitely make it easier for you to take care of water cleanliness, just like any other pool technology. The principle of operation of a pool skimmer is very simple, but thanks to its use, not only will you effectively get rid of larger contaminants, but you will also relieve the filter pump, positively affecting its service life. 

When you invest in buying a pool basin, invest in your comfort too. Installing the right skimmer will minimise the amount of work you have to do to make sure the water in your pool is clean and truly inviting. Check out our range of pool skimmers in the PoolsFACTORY® shop.

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