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How to check the water parameters and how often should it be done?

To make your pool water safe and enjoyable to swim in, it is important to check the parameters regularly and adjust them if necessary. Here are some ways to check your pool water parameters:

  1. water testers – Water testers are devices that can quickly and easily determine pH, chlorine, alkalinity and hardness levels of water. Water testers come in a variety of types, including dip strips, liquid or electronic testers, and their accuracy depends on the quality of the device.
  2. chemical tests – chemical tests are water testing kits that contain various chemicals that react with water to determine water parameters. Chemical tests are used by many pool owners and are quite easy to use.
  3. professional lab tests – if you need a detailed analysis of your water, you can choose to have it tested at a professional laboratory. In this case, you will need to collect a water sample and send it to the laboratory. Pool owners who have complex filtration systems can regularly use laboratories to get accurate test results.

The frequency with which pool water should be tested depends on several factors, such as the intensity of pool use, weather, water temperature and others. Typically, during the swimming season, it is advisable to test the water at least once a week to check pH and chlorine levels, and every fortnight to check the hardness and alkalinity of the water. More frequent water testing may be needed during hot weather when the water temperature rises. In cases of low pool use or adverse weather conditions such as heavy rains, it is recommended to test the water at least once a month.

It is important to systematically check the water parameters, as a deficiency or excess of chlorine, a pH that is too low or too high, or incorrect hardness and alkalinity of the water can affect the quality of the water and increase the risk of the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. It is therefore advisable to remember to test the pool water regularly and adjust the parameters to ensure the safety and comfort of pool users.

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