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How to clean the garden pool to properly take care of the hygiene of the bath?

Have no idea how to clean the pool? Are you wondering what are the basic rules for taking care of the hygiene of the basin? You’ve come to the right place. We explain what you need to know!

Summer is increasingly pampering us with high temperatures. It happens that the heat can give us a good sign, which is why our own swimming pool in the garden is a solution that is definitely becoming more and more popular. Not without significance is also the fact that thanks to the development of technology, you can now buy swimming pools at really attractive prices. Are you going to invest in your own swimming pool, are you waiting for the order to be fulfilled or you are one of the proud owners of a private basin? You need to know how to take care of clean water in the pool to achieve the best possible results. 

A clean swimming pool is crucial for the comfort of its use and your safety. Are you wondering how best to wash the pool so that the whole process is not time-consuming? Looking for homemade ways to clean your pool? You have no idea what to wash the pool? We have collected some tips for you, thanks to which it will be easier to take care of the condition of your pool basin.

How to clean the pool from large dirt?

How to effectively clean the pool? First of all, remember to remove all impurities from the water surface as soon as possible, such as blades of grass or fallen leaves. For this purpose, you will need a special net on a telescopic handle, in which you will be able to catch even small dirt. When choosing a net, however, pay attention to the length of the handle – it should allow you to reach all corners of the pool surface. This is important, especially if the basin is quite large. In stores you will also find bottom nets, whose task is to collect impurities from the bottom of the pool.

How to clean the pool to ensure its safety?

Before we answer the question of how to clean the pool, let’s start with the basics – how to take care of the pool? Remember that the pool should be meticulously cleaned before each start of the bathing season. Later, during the season, you also need to clean its bottom and side walls. In this case, however, the regularity depends on individual needs, so first of all observe the appearance of the pool. Focusing only on using chlorine-based preparations in the right dose (or on using another method of disinfecting water) or on how to get rid of algae is a mistake. Why? Because the hygiene of the basin of the pool will have a big impact on the purity of the water.

The manufacturer should inform you about what and how to clean the pool, so look for all information in the instructions for use of the pool. Ways to clean a pool of dirt may vary depending on what materials it was made of. The type of impurities is also crucial, especially in the case of sludge. That is why, if you are wondering how to clean the bottom and walls of the pool from sediment, start by checking what is the reason for its appearance and on this basis choose the right method of action. 

How to maintain cleanliness in the pool? It is best if you equip yourself with a special mat – a cover protecting the water surface against pollution and you will put it on for the time when no one uses the basin. Thanks to this, you will not have to look for ways to clean the pool from insects, leaves, etc. or at least minimize the risk of similar dirt.

How to clean the bottom of the pool?

If you are looking for an answer to the question of how to clean the bottom of a garden pool, you must remember that what ways you have to use largely depends on the presence of water in the pool. How to clean the bottom of the pool if the basin is not filled with water? How to effectively clean the bottom of the pool without a vacuum cleaner? In an empty basin, you can use a special brush to wash the walls and the bottom of the pool and dedicated chemical preparations. Chemistry for the pool, like brushes, is available in stores with pool equipment. When choosing a brush, pay attention to its width, type of bristles and adaptation of the shape to the form of the pool.

How to quickly clean the pool?

How to clean the bottom of the pool if there is already water in it? How to quickly clean the bottom and walls of the pool? The simplest solution will be to use a special pool vacuum cleaner. Thanks to high-quality equipment, the problem of how to effectively clean the bottom of the pool disappears. Note, however, that in stores you will find hand vacuum cleaners (usually cheaper) and robotic vacuum cleaners. 

As you probably already guessed, automatic vacuum cleaners do not require work on your part, which is why they are recommended primarily to owners of large pool basins, for which controlling a manual vacuum cleaner would be problematic. A vacuum cleaner is also a very good way to clean the pool of sand, which usually lies at its bottom.

If you do not know how to clean the pool at the bottom from sand sediment and other dirt, definitely consider investing in a vacuum cleaner. After all, you do not buy a swimming pool for one season, so it is worth equipping yourself with accessories that will help you effectively take care of its condition. When choosing an automatic vacuum cleaner, check how long a single cycle of its work can last, while in the case of a manual vacuum cleaner, pay attention primarily to its weight – if it is light enough, it will be easier for you to operate it. Also make sure that the pool vacuum cleaner you choose will be able to work under water.

How to clean the pool with a vacuum cleaner?

Not sure how to vacuum the pool? Before you start work, read the instructions attached to the vacuum cleaner model of your choice very carefully. Different devices may define different rules for using their functionality – keep this in mind. When buying a pool vacuum cleaner, pay attention to the functions proposed by a specific model and make sure that the vacuum cleaner only vacuums or also cleans the basin (contrary to appearances, it’s a difference). Also check if the vacuum cleaner will be able to drive on the walls of the pool basin.

How to clean the pool of stone?

Stone is one of the biggest enemies of your pool, so instead of wondering what are the best ways to clean your pool of stone sediment, it’s best to prevent it from forming. Stone likes alkaline environment, why control the pH of pool water. The correct level is 7 – 7.4. However, if the stone has nevertheless appeared, it may be necessary to vacuum the bottom and walls of the pool and use dedicated cleaning products (in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations). Make sure that the selected means can be used in your pool and will not damage the materials from which it was made.

Homemade ways to clean the pool

We explained how to vacuum the bottom of the pool and what to remember so as not to wonder how to keep the pool clean. It is very possible that now you are wondering about cleaning the pool from sediment, sand and other dirt can be carried out using homemade ways to clean the pool. Do not forget that pool hygiene is an investment in your health, so you should trust only specialized, proven chemical preparations and cleaning methods. We do not recommend using home methods of cleaning the pool: neither its bottom nor the walls. NOTE: Before you apply any pool chemistry, check if it is safe for your basin.  

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