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How to prepare a garden pool well for the coming winter?

Are you wondering how to prepare the pool well for the coming winter? We have a compendium of necessary knowledge for you. Check!

Unfortunately, in the Polish climate zone, winter is the time when we pull warm jackets out of the wardrobe, which means that the use of the outdoor pool is no longer possible. Of course, if you know how to make a pool roof and invest in an efficient water heating and filtration system, even low temperatures do not have to be terrible for you. However, if you do not intend to use the basin during cold weather, you need to know how to secure it. 

Are you planning to “close” your garden pool for the colder months? Don’t know how to protect your garden pool well for the winter? Wondering what to do with the water in the basin? Have no idea whether to cover the pool for the winter? We will try to dispel your doubts.

How to clean the pool for the winter?

What do you first of all need to know about how to prepare the pool for the winter? It is necessary to take care of cleaning the water surface and the walls and bottom of the pool basin. The outdoor pool in the garden in winter should not be dirty. First, you need to remove all impurities that float in the water (leaves, blades of grass, etc.). You will need a special mesh with a telescopic handle for this. If you have a large swimming pool, choose the longest handle, which will allow you to reach all the nooks and crannies. Secondly, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the walls and bottom of the pool from any raids and deposits. The easiest way for you will be to use a dedicated brush for this. Cost approx. 20 – 30 PLN.  

Should I empty the PoolsFACTORY® pool for the winter?

The pool is clean, what’s next? The outdoor pool in winter should have the pH of the water adjusted. You must receive a value between 7.0 and 7.4. You make adjustments using dedicated means. The next step is to carry out shock disinfection of water at the time of filtering. Shock chlorination should be done using appropriate pool chemistry, which usually comes in the form of tablets, granules or powder. The purpose of shock chlorination is to quickly raise chlorine levels. After chlorination, it is necessary to re-rinse the filtration. 

A garden pool in winter is exposed to difficult weather conditions, which is why many people wonder if it is necessary to drain all the water from the pool? Absolutely not do this! Water must be drained below the level of the nozzles and skimmer. The next step should be to dry the hydraulic system and drain the water from the filter and its pump. The filter pump and the counter-current are elements that, after thorough drying, must be dismantled and placed in a room with a sufficiently warm temperature. To the rest of the water in the pool basin add a special means for wintering. This is very important due to the possible development of algae.

Is covering the pool for the winter a necessity?

Don’t know how to leave the pool for the winter to save yourself as much work as possible during the season? If you are faced with the question of how to protect the pool against winter, and your basin is not roofed, take care of proper covering. In practice, covering the pool will protect it from contaminants that you will otherwise have to remove in the spring. However, you must remember that the tarpaulin you will use as a cover for the pool should be dedicated to low temperatures and withstand the pressure of snowfall.

How to prepare the pool for the winter? Summary!

Proper preparation of the year-round pool for the winter is a must. If you neglect to do the necessary things, not only do you run the risk of having your hands full in late spring or summer, when the new season begins, but any negligence in this matter may result in serious damage. Remember to always follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of your swimming pool basin or the company that makes the year-round pool.

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