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How to use active oxygen for your swimming pool?

We explain how to use active oxygen for your pool! Find out which to choose: active oxygen or chlorine. 

Clean water in your pool is a priority. Dedicated chemicals should be used to maintain the correct level of hygiene. The right pool chemicals and effective filtration systems are crucial for the safety of pool users. In this article we will explain what is better for the pool: active oxygen or chlorine. We will also tell you how to dose active oxygen and what it is actually used for. 

Active oxygen for swimming pools – application

Chlorination is one of the most popular methods for treating pool water. Sometimes even shock chlorination is used, which involves a rapid increase in the level of chlorine in the pool water. Chlorine can be purchased in various forms, but is usually offered in granular form or in tablets that are convenient to use. The chlorine method of water disinfection is not only simple to apply, but above all effective and inexpensive. What is more, chlorine agents are widely available, so there is no problem to buy them. 

An alternative to chlorinating the water is to apply active oxygen to your pool. Preparations using it can also be bought in pool chemistry shops. What’s more, as with chlorine, they can be in various forms. The most popular is active oxygen for the pool in tablet form, which guarantees comfort of use and easy dosing. Optionally, you can also opt for granules. 

What should be the dosage of active oxygen for a swimming pool?

Dosage of active oxygen for swimming pools is a very individual issue. The size of the pool, and therefore the volume of water and the number of people using the pool are key factors in determining the appropriate frequency of use and dosage. The right amount of active oxygen is important to achieve the required water purification effect. Adjust the final dosage according to the manufacturer’s instructions, which can usually be found on the product packaging. 

Which is better for the pool: active oxygen or chlorine?

There is no definitive answer to the question of which is better for the pool: active oxygen or chlorine? A lot depends on your individual needs and preferences. Chlorine is cheap and readily available, but its application is associated with a characteristic smell that not everyone will like. Also, some people cannot use chlorine because of possible skin and eye irritation. Preparations with active oxygen, on the other hand, require a very effective filtration system. Usually, their use also requires the use of special chemicals against algae. The question of price is also important: active oxygen products can be more expensive than those with chlorine. 

CONCLUSION: indoor and outdoor swimming pools require adequate care for water purity. Disinfection can be carried out using chlorine or oxygen. Both solutions have their advantages and limitations, so the final choice is yours. Remember that all chemicals must be safe for your pool. 

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