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Taking care of the water in the garden pool during the bathing season. What do you need to keep in mind to achieve the best results?

We suggest how proper care of the water in the pool should look like. Check what to do to effectively take care of its quality.

Own garden pool is not a luxury available only to a few. A wide selection of basins and the use of modern technologies that positively affect operating costs makes it an increasingly popular solution that is definitely able to improve the quality of your life in hot weather. And now high temperatures often haunt Poland. Are you a happy owner of your own pool? Are you just waiting for its assembly? In that case, you need to know how to keep the water in the pool clean so that bathing in it is not only pleasant, but above all safe for health. From this article you will learn how to clean the water in the pool, how to filter it and what to follow when choosing the right means. We will also tell you whether home ways to clean the water in the pool make sense at all. We invite you to read!

How to clean the water in the pool?

Taking proper care of the water in the pool means that you need to prepare it properly before the start of the bathing season. After completing this stage, your task is to properly keep the water and pool clean. What do you need to keep in mind then?

First: cleaning the bottom of the pool and walls. Vacuum the basin with a dedicated pool vacuum cleaner. When choosing a vacuum cleaner, pay attention to whether the model allows only vacuuming or also cleaning. Cleaning of the pool should be carried out according to individual needs, but your task is to constantly control the condition of the basin.

Secondly, if there are any impurities floating on the surface of the water, immediately remove them using a dirt fishing net equipped with a telescopic handle.  

Thirdly: regularly check the level of chlorine and the pH of the water. Use dedicated devices for this purpose – special testers are available in stores.

Wondering how to take care of pool water? A little advice – prevention is better than cure. In order to prevent pollution, for the time when you are not using the pool, cover it with a special lid, so that you minimize the risk that leaves, blades of grass, insects, etc. will get into the water.  

How to filter the water in the pool?

Have no idea how to keep the water in the pool in good condition? Pay attention to the fact that your pool should be equipped with a professional system that allows effective water filtration. In a garden pool for your and your loved ones’ use it is an absolute must. The pool pump causes the water to move, so that it gets into the filter, where impurities stop. The type of filter should be matched to the size of the basin – the amount of water is crucial in this case, which needs to be cleaned. Thanks to the proper filtering of water in the pool, the so-called stagnation does not form, which promote the multiplication of algae. One more thing: you need to check how to clean or replace the filter in the pool, which is important for the efficiency of the filtering process. How to properly clean the filter in the pool should be presented by the manufacturer. In the case of changing/cleaning the filter, it is therefore necessary to strictly follow its recommendations. Possible negligence will make filtering the water in the pool not effective enough.

How often to filter the water in the pool?

You already know that clean water in the pool requires regular filtering, but what should be frequency? How much long to filter the water in the pool to get the best results? If you want the water in your pool to always be clean, check what the manufacturer’s recommendations are in this regard. It is usually indicated that the filter pump must work for several hours a day, at a time when no one is using the pool. Experts talk about the need to filter water 3, 4 and even 5 times a day, so for all the details it is best to ask the company where you buy a pool equipped with a pump. In other words, the answer to the question of when to filter the water in the pool is one: you need to do it regularly.

How to clean the water in the pool? Are there any home ways for this?

Any home ways to clean the water in the pool are the good idea? ? In our opinion, you should invest in professional, tested means that guarantee satisfactory results. After all, it is not only the comfort of your bath that is at stake (who wants to bathe in dirty water?) but also health and safety. To sum up, if you do not know how to take care of the water in the garden pool, trust the specialists.

What measures are necessary to maintain clean water in the pool?

What chemistry for the pool is the basis? Which means do you need to stock up on if you plan to properly care for the water in the pool? Earlier we mentioned that taking care of the cleanliness of the basin and its regular vacuuming and filtering of water are key issues. We’ve also discussed the pre-essential chemicals, but what exactly do you need to clean the pool water and keep it in good condition?

CHLORINE-BASED AGENTS. Chlorine for the pool is most often sold in the form of tablets convenient for application, but on the market you will also find products in another formulation. In stores there are also preparations containing chlorine in liquid or in the form of granules. The cost of purchase depends on the capacity of the packaging, but for 1 kg of product you have to pay about 20 – 30 PLN. If you do not want or cannot use chlorine disinfection, you can choose from other solutions, e.g. the oxygen method.  

MEANS AGAINST ALGAE. Removing algae is not pleasant and can cause a lot of problems, so a much better solution is to prevent algae from multiplying in your pool. Algae develop primarily in places where water stagnation forms, which is why pumping it is also of fundamental importance, in addition to the use of appropriate preparations.

AGENTS FOR COAGULATION OF IMPURITIES. Thanks to coagulation, smaller contaminants combine with each other, increasing in size, which simplifies their effective filtering. For use in pools with sand filter. 

NOTE: make sure that the chemicals you are going to use can be used in your pool!  

How to take care of the water in the pool – summary

We hope that these ways of clean water in the pool will help you take care of its condition. Filtering the pool combined with mechanical cleaning of dirt and the use of appropriate pool chemistry is the best method to effectively care for the water in your pool. Remember, if you have any doubts, do not be afraid to ask. Already at the stage of buying a pool, ask for tips on its proper use.

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