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What makes up the cost of maintaining the pool?

What is the cost of maintaining a swimming pool in the house and garden? Are you wondering what expenses you need to be prepared for? Continue! We will try to answer the questions.

The swimming pool has long been not perceived as a luxury good, reserved only for the most affluent people. A wide range of basins and accessories means that even with limited funds, many investors are able to choose a solution tailored to their financial capabilities. Are you at the stage of thinking about building a tank for your own use, but you do not know for what cost of maintaining the pool you need to be ready? It is obvious that you want to properly prepare for this expense, so in this article we will try to unravel the mystery a bit.  After all, the cost of building a swimming pool is one thing, but subsequent operation should also be important in decision-making. We encourage you to read, we hope that our tips will be helpful to you.

How much does it cost to maintain a pool in the garden?

The costs of maintaining a swimming pool in the garden are very different, depending on the size of the basin you choose, which you should keep in mind already at the stage of planning the investment. When preparing the list of expenses, it must include, among others, such items as:

  • pool chemistry: chlorine-based preparations or costs generated by other methods of water disinfection, coagulation agents and anti-algae products,
  • pH and chlorine level testers of pool water (the correct pH of water and chlorine is of fundamental importance for the safety of pool users),
  • heating costs (depending on the chosen method and the amount of water, the presence of a tight roof, etc.),
  • the cost of purchasing accessories: pool vacuum cleaners, brushes, covers, etc.),
  • pool filters (some do not need to be replaced, but cleaned).

Many people wonder how to clean the pool – you can do it yourself or, if you do not have time or desire for additional duties, clean the water in the pool and the basin itself and accessories to an external person, which generates additional costs.

Even before you decide to buy a swimming pool, think about how you can reduce possible operating costs. Example? When choosing a way to heat the water in the pool, do not focus only on what heating system will be the cheapest to install. Always compare the installation price also in the context of the costs associated with the subsequent use of the selected technology. Counting on low operating expenses, consider solutions that consume renewable energy sources, such as a heat pump or solar collectors.

At PoolsFactory®, we perfectly understand that not only the expenses related to the construction of the pool, but also its subsequent use are of key importance for customers. After all, your financial security is so important. Monthly expenses for the maintenance of swimming pools from our offer, including the costs of chemistry and energy needed to install the pool, is an amount oscillating between about 200 – 800 PLN.

Swimming pool at home and maintenance costs

Are you wondering what expenses you need to prepare for if you plan to maintain a swimming pool at home? Even if the tank is under the roof, you need to buy the right pool chemistry, testers that allow you to check the parameters of the water in the basin, filters (if the filtration system is based on filters that need to be replaced and not cleaned) and the necessary accessories, although their list is largely an individual matter. Not every investor decides to buy all the necessary tools, although they certainly make it easier to take care of the cleanliness of the pool and the quality of the water. 

As with garden pools, the cost of maintaining an indoor pool at home largely depends on which pool water heating system you have chosen. In other words, how much it costs to maintain a home pool is a highly individual matter, but it is definitely worth calculating the approximate expenses before deciding to have your own tank. You need to be prepared for the fact that the actual cost of maintaining a home pool may vary in specific cases, because it is influenced by many factors. 

The cost of maintaining an indoor pool

What about indoor pools? A roof is definitely a good idea that is worth considering when planning to build your own swimming pool. Why? The roof, preferably in combination with solar foil, effectively limits the cooling of the pool. Thanks to these solutions, you can take care of a higher water temperature, while minimizing the energy expenditure of the heating system, i.e. reducing the cost of heating water. 

What’s more, using the roof, much less pollution gets into the pool, which is why the investor gains the opportunity to reduce the amount of pool chemistry used. A roof can have a visible impact on the maintenance costs of your pool. Despite the fact that implementation means additional expenses, it is definitely worth considering.

LET’S SUM UP: it is hard to determine the specific range of costs that having your own swimming pool generates. The size of the basin is of key importance in this case – the amount of water in the pool determines the costs associated with heating, the degree of consumption of pool chemistry, etc. Therefore, when choosing the right model of the basin, it is worth considering not only whether you can afford to buy it, but also to determine as accurately as possible the subsequent expenses related to the operation of the pool.  

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