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What will work for algae for a garden pool? We declare war on green water!

What to use on algae in the pool to effectively get rid of these small enemies? We explain how to do the right thing!

Swimming pool: cleaning the water, walls and bottom of the basin – you must remember that when deciding on a private tank you will be obliged to take care of its hygienic condition. However, having an exclusive pool definitely compensates for this. You do not have to use a public swimming pool, which is very convenient, especially if the nearest one is at a considerable distance from your home. In addition, pay attention to the fact that investing in a garden pool also means increasing the value of the property.

Taking care of the pool: cleaning the bottom of the pool and the walls of the basin, maintaining the right quality of water, etc., thanks to the right chemicals and modern equipment, is quite simple – in practice, it is enough to learn a few basic rules to guarantee an adequate level of hygiene. This post will focus on the topic of getting rid of algae. We will tell you what to do to effectively fight them. Learn how to efficiently remove algae from your pool. 

Algae at the bottom and walls of the pool: how to know that there are algae in your pool?

If you want to know how to remove algae from the pool, you must first be able to recognize their appearance in your basin. It’s relatively simple – the water simply begins to take on a characteristic green color. First algae appear on the bottom, walls, etc. In pool, you can notice a typical slippery raid, and then the water becomes cloudy and green. Growth of algae is favored not only by improper water care and too low chlorine content (which is why regular testing is the basis!), but also by high temperatures and arrears in cleaning the pool.

Why is removing algae from the pool a necessity?

Despite your efforts, however, algae appeared in your pool? However, before we answer the question of how to remove algae from the pool, you need to know why you should actually take care of it. Algae not only make aesthetic, clean water look ugly, but above all – they pose a serious threat to your health. Algae are an environment in which, unfortunately, various types of bacteria and fungi develop. Do not forget that if algae appear in the pool, there is an absolute ban on bathing.

How to clean the pool from algae? Better prevent!

Why bother what will work for algae in the pool if you can simply prevent them from multiplying? A few tricks and the question of how to remove algae in the pool will begin to appear much less often!

First: special means against algae multiplication are used for pool water. This is a very popular type of pool chemistry, which is why dedicated preparations can be successfully found in stores with equipment and accessories for swimming pools.

Secondly: pool water should be pumped. Why? Algae love the so-called stagnants, or, as the name suggests, places where water stands. So in this time they have ideal conditions for rapid multiplication. 

Unfortunately, algae develop very quickly, and that is why it is so important to carefully observe the pool and react quickly if you notice any disturbing symptoms.

Preparations for algae for the pool

What will work for algae in the pool? How to remove them to actually purify the water? You already know that the fight against algae is in the interest of the health of the users of the basin, but what next? How do you actually get rid of algae from your pool if they appeared despite your best efforts? What needs to be applied to an algae pool is largely dependent on the severity of the problem. In other words, the optimal way to treat algae in a pool must match how advanced their multiplication is. Remember, the sooner you start acting, the better. Fighting algae in the pool at the initial stage is simpler than when their amount in the water increases. When considering what preparation will be best for algae in the pool, remember to make sure that it is safe for your basin before using any pool chemistry.

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