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Garden cellars

NAWI Design’s Garden Secret 4you® series garden cellars are an innovative combination of durable laminate and natural plywood, creating an ergonomic, optimised storage space and a warm atmosphere. A functional garden cellar is an investment in everyday comfort – free up some space in your home and ensure proper conditions for food storage!

Garden cellar with stairs – convenient access for your comfort

In NAWI Design projects, the garden cellar has gained a completely new definition! Our products challenge the belief that a garden cellar is a dark, unpleasant dugout. The Garden Secret 4you® series focuses on minimalist and modern design, easy assembly, and pleasant interiors equipped with spacious shelves. NAWI Design Garden Secret 4you® garden cellars are complete products with pre-installed stairs designed with your comfort and stability in mind. Garden Secret BASIC and Garden Secret STANDARD have staircases with 11 steps, LED lighting, and a wooden ergonomic handrail.

Garden cellar with top entry: discreet space in your garden

Thanks to NAWI Design, your garden cellar will not be an ordinary dugout! Installation without damaging the garden and no mound make the Garden Secret 4you® garden cellar with stairs virtually invisible once buried. This discreet space can be easily hidden from others. The only visible part outside is the insulated entrance hatch, lockable with a key.

Ready-made NAWI Desing garden cellars will help you create an intimate haven tailored to your expectations. They are equipped with spacious shelves, insulated with PUR foam and completely sealed, making them perfect for storing food products. Underground Garden Secret 4you® garden cellars allow for convenient storage of surplus purchases, vegetables, fruits and preserves for winter.

With constant temperature and proper humidity, the ready-made NAWI Design garden cellar provides optimal conditions so you don’t have to worry about interior arrangements. The Garden Secret 4you® garden cellar with top entry is an excellent solution if you value time – the structure can be installed in 1 day and is ready for use immediately after being buried.

Garden cellar – dimensions tailored to your needs

Do you need a small garden cellar for a small plot? Looking for more space? In both cases, Garden Secret 4you® is the solution for you! The series offers three different constructions. BASIC – the smallest, economical cellar, ideal for owners of small gardens. STANDARD – offered in STORE SPACE option or a combination of STORE SPACE + WINE SPACE, perfect as a wine cellar. PREMIUM – the most extensive garden cellar project, which can also be ordered with the RELAX SPACE module, a heated space for social gatherings all year round. The ready-made NAWI Design Garden Secret 4you® garden cellar is a modular product that can be adapted to your individual needs.

A garden cellar project tailored to your expectations!

NAWI Design technology makes building a garden cellar incredibly simple. Regardless of whether you want a mini garden cellar or dream of a large, modern underground garden cellar where you can also relax, meet friends or work, check out the Garden Secret 4you® series that proves ready-made garden cellars are the new definition of dugouts. The garden cellar can meet your expectations in every detail; simply choose the right model.

Each garden cellar project in our offer is a nod towards contemporary lifestyle – as a producer of garden cellars, we care about user comfort by combining high-quality materials with years of experience and understanding your expectations. More useful information is available in NAWI Design’s knowledge base.

Garden cellar cost: choose the option that suits you!

The price of a ready-made garden cellar with stairs from NAWI Design depends on the option you choose. This allows you to select a solution within your budget. Moreover, knowing the price of the garden cellar you are buying makes it easy to predict the costs of the entire investment and prepare a detailed cost estimate. Our luxurious garden cellars respond to the needs of modern customers who value a combination of maximum functionality and aesthetic design.

Do you dream of a garden wine cellar? Looking for additional space to store produce from your own garden or preserves? Need a modern garden cellar where you can not only store food but also relax and meet friends? Discover how NAWI Design’s offer can meet your expectations.

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